sunnuntai 19. heinäkuuta 2015

Gardeners Diary 19th July


Time is flying by and we are now in the middle of the season! I was going to say, 'the middle of the summer' but thats hard to tell from the weather!

Despite (or even because of!) the rather indifferent weather, the flowers in the garden seem to be doing better than ever.

 The veg too is mostly fine. In the field, just about everything is coming up nicely. Its too early yet to say for sure about the root crops but most of what I can see is doing well. The kaalit, which are a bit of an experiment this year, survived the time under cover and now they are clear, they will hopefully stay pest free.

We are managing to keep the field more weed free than previous years. This, together with plenty of watering and even a little sun, has made good growing conditions. The main exception so far are the beans. These have been got at by the Jannis. With Aada out of action for the time being, the Jannis are visiting the field more regularly. Anyone got suggestions for humane ways to keep them off?

Indoors, the harvest is in full swing. I see many of you have said how much you are enjoying the tomatoes. Growth is slow due to the colder than usual weather, but so far so good. With luck, we'll keep getting some of the fruits of the glasshouse well into September. We will hopefully also have a late summer chili crop to keep us all warmed up.

Next weekend we have a celebration of the harvest and a chance to get the crops really well weeded with the help of a talkoot effort.

I hope to see many of you there!

Best wishes, Noel

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