maanantai 16. lokakuuta 2017

ROK 2.0 - Introducting the new field!


As we arrive towards the end of this season, I want to prime you all a bit for what will be happening next year. As you know, we have to move from our current field. In partnership with Kaupunkikylä (, we have a beautiful new field rented from the Town, a few minutes from the current field, by vanha Helsingintie, and have already started preparations for next Spring.

The area is altogether about 3 hectares; thats four times the size of the current field. Not all of it will be used only by ROK, but there is still plenty of space to pursue various new ideas and initiatives. Apart from the opportunities afforded by the bigger size, the new field is really nicely situated, close to town and bordered by Porvoonjoki. Green manure has been planted to enrich the soil and plans are underway to build a growing tunnel. So, ROK 2.0 is already underway!

Here are some photos:

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