sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Viikko 10

Its been hot! Very hot. And its like the whole of nature has exploded.

We have been rushing to get the last of the potted vegetables (kesäkurpitsä, kurpitsä, meloni, mangoldi, avomaan kurkku ja maissi) sown and as much of the field raked as possible.

On torstaina Harri came with the tractor and began raking the field and laying out the beds. After a few delays we began the planting of onions and this will go on for a while still.

Meanwhile, inside the heat has brought everything to life. The first tomatoes have begun ripening and the indoor kesakurpitsat have started to show.

Our potato plants have been moved outside to try and get the roots to grow. I wonder what the neighbours think of our instant potato field!?

I have just borrowed a carrot sowing machine, so tomorrow they will be in the ground.

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