sunnuntai 13. heinäkuuta 2014

Viikko 17


After the excitement of the workcampers last week, this week was relatively quiet. As you have noticed, the weather improved a lot and the summer is back on track hopefully. Most of the vegetables are OK after the prolonged cold spell. But the avomaan kurkkua didnt survive very well and I will re-plant as much as I can.

As the wet ground dries, it hopefully wont bake too much which is just as bad as too much wet. Oh, its hard to get it right!

The kasvihuone tomaattia continue to crop well. They must be nearing their peak now with nearly 3kg in a share. The second planting of kurkkua will be fruiting soon so the share should increase soon.

It was great to get more perunoita as well. I had them for dinner today and they are delicious.

On Saturday we had a talkoot and party. Both were well attended. Anyone take pictures? Thanks to all and I hope the work, cake and soup were equally enjoyed. The porkkana beds are mostly cleared of weeds and if we can stay on top of them, we should have a good crop.

I'm off on my holidays to Ireland next week. So, I'll blog again in early August.

Best wishes, Noel

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