torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2015

23rd April


Things are starting to get busy at ROK. We had a wonderful Community Day last Sunday: the weather stayed quite fine and a good crowd of us (young and old) showed up to help make a grill place and get a little family gardening space going. I saw there are some good photos on FB, so have a look at those.

Mikko, our tractor man, payed a visit yesterday and, if the weather stays fine, he'll come back early next week to start the work on the field. First he'll rake it a few times, then spread some lanta and finally start to make penkit. Once the penkit are made, the real work starts! So, get out your wellies and dust them off; you'll be getting a call in the next couple of weeks to come and help with the onion and potato planting.

Here is a picture of the field as it looked today, with the garlic that was planted last autumn coming along nicely.

The kasvihuone is filling up with seedlings that will be planted to the field. There's also the herbs and cucumbers and extra tomatoes.

The glasshouse crop is coming on. The first share of salad is nearly ready. I'll see how it grows over the weekend and let you know. If the share is not next week, then it'll be the week after (ie. either 30/4 or 7/5).

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