maanantai 14. syyskuuta 2015

14th September 2015


I thought I better say a little about how the garden is growing.

Last week, we had what is probably the largest share of the season: 14 veg mostly of good size and quality. The indoor crops are now fading but the field crops are still coming on. Its a pleasant surprise to see how well the cucumber is lasting. This morning I picked 120! The tomatoes are now down to just 10-20 kg, but overall the crop has been good.

Outdoors, the abundance has peeked but we do still have a few of the root crops to come up. The roots have been slow to grow but are still getting there, helped by the good weather. The exception is the punajuuri which was so slow to germinate that it is likely not to be much of a crop. The other disappointment has been the kaalit. Luckily the lehtikaali has been very good, so we have had a good taste. The small bits of the other kaalit crops will be in the next couple of shares.

The most notable thing about the last couple of months is how social ROK is becoming. We had a very well attended talkoot and party in August. Then, last week the 9th class from Steiner Koulu came for a weeks work and really helped to get the last big crops harvested and also did a bit of serious weeding. We are also now getting visits from the new luomupäiväkoti 'Lumikello' thats opened up the road. More organic sellers are also showing up on share day, so we are now developing a mini country market. 

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