sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2016

Gardeners Diary 24th April 2016


I thought I would make an early start with this years diary. Last week was my first full-time working week and there are a bunch of photos I want to send.

All in all, the seed nursery is going very well; no pests or problems so far and everything coming on nicely.

selection of kaalit                                                                      parsley and tilli

some of the flowers

Apart from the nursery, the main work at this stage is to get the kasvihuone prepared so that all is ready for the tomatoes once the heat is turned on (likely to be the first week in May; later this year so as to save energy and money).

 The field is just now ready for the tractor to come in and rake. We even have our first crop!

Thats the valkosipuli planted last October.

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  1. Great, lots of green inside and brave garlic already also in the field 😊