sunnuntai 11. kesäkuuta 2017

Gardeners Diary 11.6.17


Thankfully Sirpa is also reporting from the garden, so you are being kept up-to-date.

The last week or so has seen most of the field being planted or sown and growth has started to catch up after the slow start. So far there is: purjo, härkäpapu, hernet, yrtit, porkkana, punajuuri, palsternakka, sipuli, peruna, nauris, salaatti, retiisi, selleri, juuriselleri, kesäkurpitsä, lehtikaali, kesäkaali, kysäkaaki ja lanttu. Fingers crossed, everything is doing just fine so far; there are no major pests and the weeds are being managed. The onions should be ready in one or two weeks, starting with 'salad' onions added to the share.

Talking shares, the first was last week. Just about everyone collected and I hope you have all found a good home for the herbs. This week coming, there will the the rest of the herbs and more of the super-sized salad in the share. Remember to check what weeks you are collecting, if you have a half or third share; its posted on-line.

Its not long now to the tomatoes being ready. The first fruits are appearing and the plants are growing fine. Thanks to the Watering Group for looking after them at the weekends.

Some of you have been asking about talkoot work. There is work already in a few tasks, such as share minding, watering, helping with stalls, etc. The main talkoot field work will likely start in a couple of weeks, once we cant keep up anymore. Watch out for announcement on Facebook.

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