sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

Viiko 4

This week was spent weeding, watering, seeding and clearing.

I was also helping out a bit with Eeva, transferring flower seedlings to pots. They come in batches for about 5000, so there is plenty to do.

We also had a visit from a Nursery Growers Association that was touring around. I think they are mostly in the same business as Aaltoset Putarha and some of them were very interested in the idea of the kind of cooperation we have with Eeva.

Another highpoint of the week was preparing and applying the biodynamic horn preparation, '500'. This is part of the process of bringing vitality to the soil and supporting growing. The mixture is stirred for an hour, creating a vortex to enhance the preparations properties.

Perhaps Harri or Jussi would write something more on this in Finnish if people are interested.

And....,as you can see, the growing is certainly going well at the moment.


I mentioned last week that we will start using a bit of field that Lahden Town own and will rent to us for very little. It is situated just by Perttu's house at the top of our current field.

The first job is to clear the scrub and brush. We will then start to dig and weed.

The Garden Group is still to meet to finalise what the best thing to do with the field is, but it would seem to lend itself to growing fruit. More later!

And finally, here's a good one: Aada the Rokwiler!

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