sunnuntai 27. huhtikuuta 2014

Viiko 6


Its late on Sunday, but I want to get a small diary entry before the end of the week.

The week started more or less as normal these days: watering, trimming the tomatoes, a bit of planting and transplanting.

On Wednesday, Suvi a student from a horticultural course came on a trial.

Then Thursday saw a sudden change of pace with the first share. Its always a bit of a rush to get everything ready on time, however small the share. I hope you all enjoyed the salaatti. There will be plenty more of it to come. Nearly 70 shares were collected altogether.

Then Friday was a chance to clear up, get the kasvihuone beds ready for the next crop and to start a big job with transplanting seedlings (a few thousand in all).

As you can see, the kasvihuone is really in bloom:

The field is also coming along nicely. Thats our winter garlic coming on strong.

Harri raked the field with the tractor on Thursday so the heavy work is about to begin. There is less couch grass weed than last year, but still plenty to clear off before we plant. See the notice for a talkoot on 8th May.

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