maanantai 21. huhtikuuta 2014

Viiko 5


This was the week where it felt like summer arrived. In fact, I have just got back from my mokki and it was as good as any summer trip.

This was also the week when the potatoes in the kasvihuone finally appeared above ground. I also moved the kesäkurpisä from the seeding room to bags in the kasvihuove. So, it is now a race to see what is ready to eat by Ravintola päivä.

As you have hopefully seen, we are having our first share next Torstai (24th). This share is 2 salads.

The salads will soon be joined by some herbs. Thats the tilli in the foreground and its shooting up.

Friday was Pitka Perjantai and our friends from Kaupungin Kylä come to plant some seeds in the morning. This is an old tradition and symbolises new life, new beginnings.

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