sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

Viikko 12


This last week has really seen the work take off on the field. The whole top half is now planted with porkkana, palsternakka, punajuuri, sipuli, purjo, varsiselleri and we are half way through planting about 1200 selleri. I have also made a start on early avomaan kurkku.

Thats Suvi planting onions sets and me seeding carrott with our borrowed seeding machine. By the way, if anyone knows where we could get our own seeding machine, we would need it in future years.

Next week we will prepare and plant most of the rest of the field. The seedlings have been growing in our small nursery behind the flower shop and, if the weather stays good, are mostly ready to go out.

Meanwhile, the indoor crops are starting to produce fruit.

The experimental kesakurpitsa have proven a success and we will look to see how practical it is to do this in bags in future.

The first batch of kurkku are starting to appear.

And, best new of all, the tomaatit are ripening quickly in the sun and we should have a small share next week.

Our perunat in bags are also probably ready to share next week. Its been too much work to justify doing again in order to have a small crop a week or two early. But, now we know!

Finally, thanks to Jussi Ingervo who came on torstai to give us a talk about biodynamic agriculture and to help mix and spread the main field preparation. Unfortunatley there were not many people there so we are thinking we will have another talk later in the summer to tie in with some event.

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