tiistai 24. kesäkuuta 2014

Week 14

Nearly forgot again!

Thanks Ulla for that recipie. I'll definately try it.

As you have noticed, its been raining since God knows how long. And cold. Everthing has stopped growing and some of the sun loving plants are just about hanging in there. We even had snow and ranta during the week.

Nevertheless, the kasvihuone keeps producing fruit and we had another share of tomatoes on Thursday. We also had a weeding/hoeing talkoot. Thanks to the people who turned up and have kept the carrots in view.

Just to bring things up-to-date, its now Tuesday 24th (week 15). Still wet and cold. In between showers, I am managing to get a bit planted. If tomorrows forecast is right I should get the last of the seedlings transplanted (some kurpitsa, meloni, fenkoli, mangoldi and maissi). The wet days have anyway given me a bit of time to get the kasvihuone into better shape. The tomatoes are now well trimmed and the room is looking cleaner. Because of the indoor heat, the harvest is still coming despite the lack of sun.

I had stopped planting salaatti indoors because it wasnt doing well in the early summer heat and anyway outdoor planting was possible. However, now with the change of weather, I will put one more crop indoors. The outdoor salaatti, like everything else, has stopped growing and we have now also got some damage from jänikset. They were no problem last year but I guess food is in shorter supply for them now too.

Finally, some good news. They kurkut have started fruiting in numbers. There should be enough this week for perhaps half the shareholders, so we can take turns this week and next.

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