sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

Viikko 25


Well, at least one person did notice that I skipped a week again. Thanks Ulla for the translation and not mentioning my omission.

I guess one of the reasons the diary is getting more sparse is that there is less to say! The season is winding down in many ways. Even though we are having this wonderful late summer sun, the garden has now entered the autumn harvest period. As you noticed, the weight in the share has gone up. Our much weeded and worried for porkkana are coming into their own and it looks like being a great crop. You see, all the hard work does pay off. Another good crop is the lehtikalli from Rehu; lively and full of flavour.

Now that things are quietening down a bit, I have a chance to catch up on a few jobs. One is to source our own well water. I wonder does anyone have an old water pump that ROK could have!? We need a supply closed to the field and there are a few old wells on the site that hopefully still work.

There is a board meeting next week and one of the topics is some kind of autumn get-together. Anyone want to help organise a harvest party?

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