torstai 25. toukokuuta 2017

Gardeners Diary 25.5


Its about time I started a diary! I have been putting a few posts to FB, but I'll try to up-date weekly here also.

So, where are we at? The kasvihuone is about two thirds planted, with the remaining space for the final phase of planting (tomaatti, kirkuk ja chili). The tomaatti have started flowering and look very good. The kirkku didnt like the early cold but are now catching up. As usual, the space between has been used for early season salaatti. The first of this is getting big and might be ready by next week. If not, the week after. This, together with a selection of herbs (the choice from around 12 types) will be what makes up the first share.

Work in the field began in the first week of May. On the very first day, we had a class from the Steiner Koulu helping to plant the peruna and sipuli. Another class then came the following week and helped with the kaalit and purjoa. With this help, we have been able to stay well ahead of the work. Last weekend's talkoot was a little quiet (!) but those who came did great work. The field is now seeded or planted with purjoa, harkapapu, sokeriherne, porkkana, punajuuri, palsternakka, sipuli, peruna, nauris, retiisi, lanttu, lehtikaali, kysäkaali and a range of 'summer' kaali. Most of the rest has been seeded inside and is being grown on prior to planting out.

So far, everyting is fine, if very dry. No big diseases or pests. Lets see what wakes up after a bit of rain.

We have a helper this year, Sirpa, who is doing a gardening training and is with us for work experience. Say hi to her when you come to visit!

Finally, many thanks to Ulla and Antti for the kind donation of a couple of scales to help with the share:

Here's a selection of photos from the last few weeks:

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