sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2014

Viikko 23


I missed out on last weaks post; just to see who'd notice!!

Well, that was time enough for summer to be replaced by autumn. Or, just about. Certainly the sunny weather seems like a bit of a memory. Although the weather hasnt been as bad as the forecast said, it was a week of dodging showers.

The plant growth is certainly slowing down. But, there is still lots of life.

In the kasvihuone, the spaces where tomato plants have died have been used for late season kurkkua. Hopefully, we will have a crop until October.

Next week we get a work group from the Steiner Koulu. They will be most of the week with us and, weather dependent, should get the porkkana finally cleared of weeds.

I hope you are happier now with the size of the share. The root crops are good and the porkkana in particular have grown well. I will start next week to include them with the share.

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