sunnuntai 2. marraskuuta 2014

What viikko is this?

I have kind of lost track a bit of the diary, as we near the end of the year. Just two weeks to go now. Things have anyway been quiet and the share has been more or less a constant supply of the same vegetables for the last month or so.

But, yesterday we had a carrot talkoot and that is certainly work reporting! I didnt get a chance to take photos, so perhaps someone else can post them on-line. 10-15 people came along to harvest the porkkanoita and there was great work done. I think we will have all of the big crop in before the ground hardens.

I should also mention that we have had a helper for the last few weeks: my daughter Oona has been coming to help with the harvest and this has been great.

Another notable happening has been Antti helping to open up an old well near the field that we are now testing to see if we can use it next season.

We will be having some sort of feedback before the end of the year so that plans keep on rolling during the off season. So I hope many of you can contribute your thoughts and ideas.

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