sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Gardeners Diary 14th June


There has been so much communication recently, I havnt felt the need to add my diary to it. But, maybe its still worth an occasional up-date focused on the growing.

The good news is that the field is just about fully planted. Just 2 out of about 80 penkkit left to do! Tomorrow I hope to plant the kurkku in them. That leaves just a few late crops and patches to fill in.

Although the weather has not been too warm, it hasnt been too bad either for the field crops. I'm afraid the forecast is not great for the next week but at least this year everything is in the ground earlier and therefore has a better chance of doing well.

The colder weather is slowing down the growth in the glasshouse. Its all doing fine there but there needs to be more continuous hot weather for the cucumber to get a really good spurt and for the tomatoes to ripen.

Now that the glasshouse if just about full, there are no more spaces for planting salad indoors. That means there is a gap in the harvest until the tomatoes are ready and the field salad has a chance to grow.

Our new seeder (thats it in the photo beside our borrowed rotovator) has made seeding much easier and we also have a very simple but effective wheeled hoe that has made lighter work of keeping the weeds at bay. You may get the chance to use the hoe yourselves in a few weeks time when we will probably need extra help to keep ahead of the weeds.

Finally, although the work has been hard for the last few weeks, there has been the compensation of working in such a beautiful place. Here's the view from my lunch table!

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