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What to expect in a share


I was asked to write a bit about what a member can expect from their share in ROK.

The best way, I think is to show you what has been in the share in the last couple of years. Where items are not marked as kg that means they are single vegetables or average bunches. Most weeks there are also some extras such as radish, parsley and 'seconds'.

                                      2014                      2015
Salaatti                            23                         21
Yrtit                                21                           20
Herne                             2  bunches            1kg
Peruna 32kg                      5kg
Tomaatti                       14.5kg                   9kg
Kirsikkatomaatti 4kg                        5.5kg
Vihreä tomaatti 1kg                        2kg
Kurkku                         20                          31
Porkkana                     15-20kg                  7kg
Kesäkurpitsa 10                           17
Nauris 3-5kg                      4.5kg
Valkosipuli 14                           12
Purjo 7                             11
Sipuli 2-3kg                      1.5kg
Punajuuri 3-5kg                         -
Palsternakka 500g                        0.5kg
Lehtikaali 1.2kg                       3kg
Juuriselleri 5                              4
Varsiselleri 8                              5
papu                            400g                        1kg
Fenkoli                        2                              4
Maissi 1                               -
Kaali 3                               -
Lanttu 6                               2
Rapaperi                       -                             0.5kg
Avomaan kurkku          -                             11

There are a few important things to say in relation to the share. First, it varies during the season and from season to season. For example, last year was generally a better year than 2014 but this showed more in quality than quantity. Having said that, the root crops did better in 2014 and the summer field crops (kesäkurpitsä, avomaan kurkku, etc) in 2015. 

Second, a key characteristic of ROK is that members carry the risk as well as the rewards. Costs are kept to a minimum and there is no excess in our organisation. Without subsidies and all the other supports that make the food trade so unequal, ROK endeavours to make good food available to all. 

Finally, ROK is a cooperative, activist, group. The input from the members is at least equal to the input from the employed gardener, so how well things go is in part dependent on how much effort members put in. I hope this is not off-putting because its not meant to be! In fact, this is the core point of the 'community' element in CSA. It is a chance for you and your family to get involved more in where your food comes from, how its grown, how its affected by the seasons and weather. Its a chance to remind ourselves about how important the food we eat is.

Here is an example of one of the more abundant shares from last year. The honey and mushrooms were extra (bought at the small market run alongside the share). 

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