maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2016

Gardeners Diary 4th July


Salla is on holiday at the moment, so I'm back with my English diary for the time being. Maybe Ulla can translate again!?

As I write the rain has temporarily let up, but its been heavy for a day or two. The field is absolutely soaked. However,  here are some photos of the beautiful veg taken last week:

About the only exception to the 'beautiful veg' are the nauris (above left). They have been badly eaten by both caterpillars and flea beetles. I'll just have to see how they do.

The kallit family have generally been badly hit, but most will still be OK I think.

I don't have photos, but the kasvihuone crop is now coming ready. This weeks share will have kurkkut and a small amount of early kirsitomato. The main tomato crop shouldn't be long behind. Also in the share will be salaatti, basilikka and sipuli. 

Thanks to everyone who have been patiently weeding the palsternakka. There should be a good crop of large roots on the way. 

And.....I forgot to mention before that we got a very nice present from Ulla and Antti: A wheel hoe, engraved specially!

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