sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2016

Gardeners Diary 22nd May


It may be that Salla, the new trainee, will take this over and you can hear the garden news direct in Finnish. She starts tomorrow, so lets see!

The last 2 weeks has been very busy. With Mikko's help, we got the field ready just in time for Class 7 from Steiner Koulu to come and help plant the onions and potatoes. They got 15 penkki done in 2 half days: great work! Then, last week it was the turn of Class 8 who planted all the kallit seedlings and purjoa seedlings, as well as a few other jobs. In between I have been seeding porkkana, kauris and parsnip. There is also some outdoor reddish seeded and a few herbs planted. All in all, we are well on top of the work at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the glasshouse the plant nursery continues to grow. The latest sowing is of avonmaa kurkku, kesäkurpitsa and kurpitsa. The tomato plants are starting to flower and the first fruit should show any day.

There will be a share on Wednesday 1.6. It'll probably be a couple of salad, herbs and perhaps rapaperri and radish, depending on how well they come on. As you know, the share will be available from the ROK field and from the Green HQ in town: more details to follow.

Before that, however, there is a Community Day/Talkoot on Sunday 29.5. There will be a bit of work to plant out seedlings and perhaps some weeding/hoeing, depending on the growth in the next week. More than that though, it is a chance for us to have a get-together. I can give a bit of a tour of the field and glasshouse and introduce the watering job to anyone who is volunteering to do that.

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