torstai 5. toukokuuta 2016

Gardeners Diary 5.5

This week the heat in the glasshouse went on and the plants from the nursery have been brought in. Luckily the weather has been very pleasant (up to 40 degrees in the glasshouse!!) so there has only been a need for a small bit of heat at night.

The first phase of planting is complete: thats over 500 tomatoes, about 300 salads and 30 cucumbers. There is also some radish seeded inside, to get an early crop. Its all looking well.

All the rest of the nursery plants are being transplanted, ready to bring outdoors. Mikko has also been over with the tractor to rake the field. It should be ready so that the first beds are made by next Wednesday when a class from the Steiner Koulu will come to help with planting the onions and potatoes.

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