tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2016

Gardeners Diary 31st May


Still me doing the diary! Lets see if I can get Salla to take over the next one.

On the eve of our first share of the season, here are a few pictures of the kasvihuone for those who have not seen it recently.

Some of that salad will be in the share. As you can see, the glasshouse is looking lovely. As is the field! This is due in large part to the work of Salla, who joined ROK on  a work placement. 

The other notable events recently have been the hugely successful ruokapäivä cafe at the harbour and the wonderful community day/talkoot last Sunday. Thanks to everyone for helping to organise and for coming along to enjoy.

Lets hope that the summer stays this good! 

About three quarters of the field is now planted, with the remainder ready for the later crops. So far, we are keeping ahead of the weeds. We are due, staring this week, to get some help from a group of asylum seekers from Tapinala, so hopefully this will work out for them and us. I have also been over to the other reception centre in Hennala and on behalf of ROK I am going to try and help them get their own garden going there. 

Tomorrows share is the first with a distribution point in town. This will no doubt take a few weeks to get properly organised, so lets see how it goes. Don't forget too that there will be some extra salaatti for sale.

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